Date Posted... Sep 13th 2019




Sixth Form

New Sixth Form initiative launches to boost employment opportunities

Truro School Connected is a new initiative which puts Truro School’s Sixth Form students and alumni in contact with a vast professional network.  Consisting of alumni, past and present parents, governors and staff, the network offers students a wide range of advice and opportunities whilst choosing universities and career paths.  Truro School Connected starts in the Sixth Form but will continue as a resource when needed, at any stage of life. It is there to advise those who do know what they want to do and those who are still working that out.

Nicky Berridge, Development and Alumni Relations Manager, said: ‘In the former pupil community, Truro School has an abundance of talent, who are willing and happy to assist the School help its current students in progression on to universities and careers’.

Although all alumni are invited to Truro School, perhaps to give a talk, to conduct mock interviews, or to host a table at a business lunch, activities are not limited to the School grounds. Alumni from all over the UK and around the world have signed up to be part of Truro School Connected offering to review CVs, become university representatives, or offer internships and shadowing days, all of which are key elements of the programme.

Jayne Grigg, Director of Admissions, said: ‘It’s really helpful to talk to someone who’s just set out on their career or just started their university course in addition to somebody who is long-established in a particular field; there is help at every single point in the process. Not only that, Truro School Connected helps alumni help each other, so this isn’t exclusive to current Sixth Form students.

‘Talking to people at various stages of their career is really important. We want to offer Truro School students the widest of opportunities to discover the many careers out there and give them an opportunity to discover careers they had previously never heard of. It means that our Sixth Form as well as our 4th and 5th Years can get hands-on advice, and give them a real view of what’s going on in the world’.

The initiative includes building upon the pre-existing annual Truro School Alumni networking event in London, and expanding it to reach as many alumni and current students as possible. Due to the success of the London networking event, for the first time, a Truro School Connected event will also be held in Bristol, in February 2020.

Nicky said: ‘Many of our Sixth Form students go off to university in the South West. We’re hoping by running a Bristol event it will give those alumni about to leave, or who’ve just left university living in those areas, the opportunity to connect with people in their chosen career’.

The scheme has already helped a former pupil, Tom, about to leave law school. Tom said: ‘After contacting Truro School, my details were passed on to two other newly qualified junior barristers working in London. In a profession where networking can really help, Truro School Connected has gone above and beyond to help me get my career off the ground’.

For more information on TSConnected or to get involved, contact Nicky Berridge on