Date Posted... Jul 4th 2019

Lower Sixth Medical Ethics Workshop

Have you ever considered the ethical issues surrounding vaccination? Our aspiring medics students from the Lower Sixth met with trainee Anaesthetist Dr Bryony Hopkins to explore these medical ethics in more depth in order to prepare them for the ethics station that they will face on most MMI circuits.

Students were encouraged to share their thoughts and questions about the anti-vaccination campaign, compulsory vaccination and how they, as doctors, might deal with the challenges posed. They were also given the opportunity of borrowing some of Dr Hopkins books that provide an insight into life as a medic.

Miss Finnegan, Head of Biology at Truro School commented, “We are extremely grateful to Dr Hopkins for giving up her time to help our students consider medical ethics. She is evidently passionate about such issues, has spent a lot of time wrestling with them and has an obvious desire to always do what is best for her patients.”