Date Posted... Sep 29th 2017

Lower Sixth Geography Field Trip

Thirteen Lower Sixth students enjoyed their first field trip of the academic year this week as they spent the day investigating the characteristics of River Kenwyn and its surrounding drainage basin.

The aim of the day was to allow the students to develop their fieldwork skills, preparing them for their independent investigations later in the year. Students measured the width and depth at various stages of the riverbed, assessing the flow of water and the erosive forces at work on the riverbed’s materials.

Geography teacher Mr Pomery explained: “We hope to provide our students with skills that they can apply, not only to their A-level, but also to future jobs.”

The students will next have to write information on how they gathered their data before they analyse and present their findings. They will then create and perform their own field study later on in the year.

The Geography department is hoping to take the group on an urban field trip as their next departmental adventure.