Date Posted... Mar 29th 2017




Lola wins 3rd prize in Rotary Young Writer’s Competition

Year 5 pupil, Lola, was awarded with third prize in the local Rotary Club of Truro Boscawen Young Writer’s Competition this year.

After submitting her short story ‘The Magic Wishing Well’, an imaginative fantasy about a wishing well based around this year’s theme of ‘reflection’, Lola’s entry was chosen by the Rotary Club as the third prize winning entry.

The president of Truro Boscawen Rotary Club, Max Braga, attended Truro Prep School on Tuesday 28 March, along with Young Writer Rotary Coordinator, Richard Lingham and one of the judges, to present Lola with her third prize certificate and to congratulate all students who took part in this year’s competition.

This year, four Truro Prep students entered the competition, Jago (Year 6), Lola (Year 5), Finn (Year 5) and Roberts (Year 4).

Mr Lingham stated that the standard of entries this year had been incredibly high and that Lola’s imaginative story had captured their attention.

Read Lola’s prize-winning entry below:

‘The magic wishing well’ by Lola Edwards

Hi. My name is Matilda. Yesterday I was just sitting on the sofa, with some water, watching YouTube, then I looked in my water and I had a flashback. I had a flashback of the wishing well story. Would you like to hear it? Of course you would…

It all started on a normal school day. As soon as the bell went, we had assembly. In assembly, our teacher (Mrs Banks) told us we were going to get a wishing well. I thought that was boring.

The next day at school the wishing well arrived. As normal, the bell rang and we had assembly. Mrs Banks told us at break we could make a wish in the wishing well. At break, there was a small line of people waiting to make a wish. I had a feeling that I needed to join that line. So I did. When it got to my turn I looked in the wishing well and asked it what would the future me look like.

It said, ‘If you carry on acting like you are at the moment (being mean,) you will have no friends and you will be sad.’ Straight after it said that, the bell went again and I went to maths. For the rest of the day I was thinking about that. When I went home I got on with my homework not telling a soul what happened.

It was the last day of the week. There was nothing special going on or anything. Just the same boring old routine. As soon as it was break I ran straight to the wishing well and asked it if anything had changed… meanwhile a girl called Sofia was watching me and she heard what I asked it. Later on I will tell you how I knew that. Anyway back to the story, the wishing well told me, “No nothing has changed.”

I ran straight to the bathroom and started crying. Whilst I was crying, Sofia came in and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing.

Sofia said, ‘Is it because you have been mean and have no friends?’

‘How do you know?’

‘I just do.’

‘I can help you if you want.’


‘Yes. Operation be nice starts tomorrow.’

The next morning I said pleases and thank yous to my mum. She seemed happy about it. When I got to school, Sofia was waiting for me. We went around saying things like, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ or ’Are you alright?’ things like that. Then at the end of the day, Sofia and I got lots of hugs from other kids. I was very happy. Just before I went home, I went to the wishing well and asked if anything had changed now.

It said, ‘Yes you will have a future of happiness.’

That was a great story wasn’t it? Remember, if you want a future of happiness, be really kind, be your. Very best, and always smile your very, very, VERY hardest.