Date Posted... Sep 8th 2016

Lilly and Isobel prepare for Minack Performance

Sixth form students Lilly Menear and Isobel Wilkinson will be performing at the famous Minack Theatre next week with cube Theatre, taking part in their most professional production to date as members of the Girls’ Ensemble in Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’.

Alongside the girls on stage as Reverend Parris will be Director of Drama at Truro School, Mr Oldfield, who is co-founder of cube Theatre and has had a strong influence on building the relationship between the Theatre Company and Truro School.

Mr Oldfield explained that The Crucible was a winning choice for himself and founder of cube Theatre Ben Symes (pictured below with Isobel, left and Lilly, right), not only because it’s such a well-known and loved play, but because it has such contemporary relevance.

Lilly, who is also Drama Scholar at Truro School, picked out her favourite line in the show:

“There may also be a three-headed dragon in my house but no one has ever seen it.”

“The line is spoken in a massive court scene which is very much based in a certain time and place and suddenly you get a line like that, which could be said by someone today. It’s so contemporary and I think that’s a tribute to how good Arthur Miller is as a writer,” said Lilly.

Isobel also explained what she loved most about the renowned production. She said:

“I love the chaos of it, the utter madness is so interesting, to see how paranoid the characters are, they’re accusing people of being witches which is ridiculous. However, as the play goes on you can see why, because if you don’t confess and accuse others then you get accused yourself.”

The girls’ ensemble that Lilly and Isobel are a part of was described as a “hysterical force” by Mr Oldfield, who promises that the show not only sends some important messages about clinging on to what’s important and standing up to brutality and hypocrisy, but also offers laughter, tears, excitement and drama in a very real-life portrayal.

Mr Oldfield, who teaches both Lilly and Isobel Drama, explains that the girls are in a very lucky position at Truro School having a theatre in residence. He said:

“Lots of schools have artists or directors in residence, but to have a theatre company affiliated to us and the opportunity for Sixth Form students to work so closely with that company in a professional production is a very unique opportunity.”

To watch Lilly and Isobel on stage, get tickets to The Crucible at the Minack Theatre here, but be quick, they’re selling out fast!