Date Posted... Mar 6th 2019

Junior Charity Concert 2019

This year’s Junior Charity Concert was held at the Burrell Theatre on Monday 4th March.

The event, organised entirely by the students, was expertly directed by Fin W, Alfie L, Jenna K and Ben J and included performances from students across the year groups. The effortless performances highlighted the talent and hard work of the students and the impressive leadership of the organising committee.

Following an excellent fundraising campaign, Fin took to the stage before the interval to receive a live charity head shave!

The night raised money for The Mermaid Centre and The Brain Tumour Charity – exact totals are still being counted but will be confirmed shortly.

You can see pictures from the charity concerts in the gallery. Photos by Max C

With special thanks to:

Mr Ian Brown from the Mermaid Centre, Truro School Music Department and The Burrell Theatre Tech Crew, especially Swen Kearey.

Organised by:

Fin W, Alfie L, Jenna K, Ben J

Performances included:

Luke J – the best intro to a concert. Ever.

Katie M – Starry starry night, Don Mclean

Natasha H – Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi

Tom P (with Jesse E and Fraser R) – Let Her Go, Passenger

Harry D (accompanied by Millie D) – Spaghetti Morricone, Arr. Harry D

Grace C – Power of Love, Gabrielle Aplin

Sofie P (accompanied by Jesse E and Alfie L) – Riptide, Vance Joy

Poppy A – Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys

Alfie L and Fred S – ‘Phat Jam’

Tom B – Your Song, Elton John

Kate R – One and only, Adele

Lucy M (accompanied by Fred S) – Hostage, Billie Eilish

Joanna Vyvyan – Automobile, KALEO

Millie D – Everglow, Coldplay

Talulla L, Gracie C (accompanies by Alfie L) – When we Were Young, Adele

Fin W – A Love Song, Fin W

Theo C – Wonderwall, Oasis

Natasha H, Milli Y, Anna R, Poppy A – Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Following the concert, we asked Fin a few questions:

What was the most stressful part of the organising the concert?
I was most stressed out on the night of the concert, hoping it was going to live up to expectations

What was the funniest moment?
Probably turning around to see my massive bald head on the screen behind me
What was your favourite part?
I was so proud of everyone involved and there’s no way I could pick a favourite. I enjoyed seeing my friends laughing at me getting my head shaved from the front row if that helps?

What made you decide to have a head shave?
My mum was going partly bald during a surgery so I thought I could make her feel a bit better while raising a bit of money. I’ve also always wondered what I’d look like with no hair haha.

would you organise any other charity event?
I really enjoyed organising the concert so possibly another event, just bigger, better and with more people.