Date Posted... Nov 27th 2017



Junior Boys' Boarding Blog – 27 November

“When the rain is blowing in your face…”

This week saw the culmination of a term’s work for many at school, including representatives from Poltisco, in the form of the school play. Cam and Alex have both put in huge amounts of work, with many rehearsals in lunchtimes and after school, and the results spoke for themselves. There were a huge number of standout performances, showing the strength of our school drama department, and these boys were among them. Alex played the role of a snowmen, a leader among snowmen from our perspective, guiding his group north to avoid melting. Alex’s comic timing and dry delivery (already familiar to many of us in the boarding house) was exceptional. Cam, in a possibly type-cast role, played the dry-humoured and sarcastic Tin-man, exchanging sarcastic and witty dialogue with Monty (again, something you might well come across in the playground, albeit without the outlandish costumes).

The play was both funny and had a powerful underlying message, culminating in a wonderful rendition of Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by 2nd Year Joanna – a joy to watch and an interesting change from many of our weekend activities.

Amazingly, this performance (following a week of performances) came an hour or so after Cam had returned from a long trek in preparation for his Ten Tors expedition. Cam had been walking in the wind, rain, hail and sunshine along the South West coast path from Pendeen to St. Ives. For those unfamiliar with the Cornish coastline it is as rugged as it is beautiful so I think Cam deserved his day of rest today. Enjoy his wonderful photo of a rainbow near the Gurnard’s Head below.

Another great performance, of a rather different variety, came from Morgan, who qualified with teammates in his year group for the national finals of the Kids’ Lit Quiz which, as the name suggests, tested if they knew their Frodo from their Long John Silver. They clearly did, as they came 5th out of 20 in this national competition – a fantastic achievement.

We also welcomed a new addition to the boarding house. With a new drum kit for the music department, and an opportunistic house parent, we have acquired the kit that was to be replaced. We should have it set up and working by the end of the week – Hector will be able play as much as he would like, and well out of earshot of Mr Lawrence!

Sunday we relax and prepare this evening for the weekend ahead of us. Next week, the boys go skiing…

All best wishes,

Mr Thomson