Date Posted... Mar 28th 2019




Prep Sports

IAPS Swimming Gala 2019

On Thursday 14th March sixteen year five and six swimmers set of for Millfield School to compete at the qualifying round for the IAPS swimming gala

First to swim was the Year 5 boys’ team who came third in their medley relay and who went on to also come third in their freestyle relay.  Putting in an outstanding performance, the Year 6 boys’ team also came third in both their relays.  Faced with strong competition the Year 5 girls’ team swam into ninth position freestyle relay. With an equally consistent performance the Year 6 girls gave their best to finish fourth in both their medley and freestyle relays.

It was a close race for Luke Matthews in the 25m freestyle with him coming 2nd on a touch finish. With competition from Millfield and Mount Kelly all the swimmers gave outstanding performances many swimming their personal best times. Jack Darling determinedly swam his 50m front crawl in a time of 37.16 beating his previous best time by 4.65 seconds.

Every swimmer deserves to be applauded for their performances and behaviour both in and out of the pool.

There are other preliminary rounds to be swum around the country. Once this is complete we shall receive the full results and notification of the finalists selected to swim at the London Aquatics Centre.