Date Posted... Jan 31st 2018





IAPS Swimming Gala 2018

On Thursday 25 January, sixteen Year 5 and 6 swimmers set off for Millfield School to compete at the qualifying round for the IAPS swimming gala.

The event got off to a fantastic start with the Year 5 boys’ team coming second in both their medley and freestyle relay heats, whilst the Year 5 girls and Year 6 boys’ teams raced to first position in their medley heats.

Putting in an outstanding performance, the Year 6 boys’ team then proceeded to come first in the heats for both their relays. Faced with strong competition, the Year 6 girls’ team swam to third position in the medley relay and sixth in the freestyle relay heat.

Cassius set the bar high for the individual events, coming first in his heat of the Year 5 25m backstroke event. Daisy fought very strong competition to gain third position in her butterfly heat whilst Wilfred battled to take first position in his breaststroke heat on a touch. Sam’s butterfly looked strong as he secured second place.

Every swimmer deserves to be applauded for their performances and behaviour both in and out of the pool.

The competition was tough as each and every member swam to the best of their ability. I was so very proud to witness outstanding sportsmanship as members of our team shook their opponents’ hands, wishing them luck before their races.

There are other preliminary rounds to be swum around the country. Once this is complete we shall receive the full results and notification of the finalists selected to swim at the Olympic pool in London.