Date Posted... Apr 10th 2019




House Verse Competition

Truro School Prep ended the Spring Term with drama, expression, rhythm and rhyme when it held its annual House Verse Competition.

14 competitors (some in pairs) performed 12 poems (3 from each House) to the whole of the Prep School and Staff. Diction, projection, expression and communication were all fantastic and the audience was treated to diverse and varied performances. The pupils’ poem recitals were interspersed with bonus turns by some of the teachers.

Congratulations to Vinter House which came away the overall winner, with individual results as follows:

1st – Toby (Vinter) with Strict
2nd – Nancy (School) with Who Was Emmeline Pankhurst?
3rd – Celia (School) with Warning

The standard from all was incredibly high. Celia delivered the iconic Warning with variety, clarity and warm humour to gain third place. Nancy was our youngest competitor – the only one from Year 3 – but earned a fabulous second place with her wonderfully assertive rendition of a poem about Emmeline Pankhurst, and Toby had us all in stitches with his hilarious, word perfect and naturally communicative performance of Strict – a well-deserved winner.

Congratulations to all our competitors, who performed fantastically and represented their Houses so well: Izzy and Sophie, Jack, Nancy, Oscar, Sarang, Jessica and Tilly, Celia, Toby, Farrah, Freddy, Billy and Trystan.