Date Posted... Sep 21st 2016




Head of Pre-Prep, Sarah Hudson – Bringing Learning to Life

In our assemblies this week we have made our value tree and the children have all voted about what kind of school they would like us to be. They have come up with some wonderful ideas and I hope that their aspirations will form the basis for many of our assemblies this term.

Out in the Enchanted Garden this week the children have helped to plant a specimen oak tree. This is to replace one which was damaged in the storms last year. It is just five years old and we all hope that it will grow with us for many years to come.

It has been a real pleasure this week to see our youngest pupils enjoying working and exploring in The Enchanted Garden. It is so clear to see how this very special part of our school allows our pupils to not only let their imaginations run wild but also is already helping to build their confidence and is encouraging teamwork. The calm atmosphere and high level of concentration that the children sustain during these sessions are always very special. Poor Mrs Mikail Jones has been slightly frustrated by the antics of an overly curious badger this week but Reception have really enjoyed spotting his tracks and finding out clues about what he has been up to.

When you are out in this area with the children you can understand why they find it so magical and why the name The Enchanted Garden is so apt.

Sarah Hudson – Head of Pre-Prep