Date Posted... Jun 15th 2018




Going Green for Grenfell

Friday 15 June saw the whole Prep School going green for Grenfell.

Reception and Year 1 took their green flags to the beach where they are spending the day, while all the other children in school made green ‘heart’ cards to send to the children from the schools that came to visit us in November.

We were thrilled that the BBC came calling on Monday to film some footage of the big green posters that you can see displayed in the playground. Our children spoke beautifully about what our visit from the Grenfell guests meant to them and how we can continue to remember them by going green.

In assemblies this week, we have been thinking about what solidarity means – standing together to support others – and are delighted to support this national movement that reminds us of the importance of community. The photographs speak much louder than words.