Date Posted... Apr 1st 2019




Prep Sports

CYB Tournament 2019

Eight badminton players from Truro School Prep took part in the under 11s county tournament in Newquay on Saturday 30 March.

Everyone took part in the singles competitions and paired up to compete in the doubles events. There were lots of matches and everyone worked really hard, playing some great badminton. Through the day you could really see our players developing both in their badminton skills, their competition conduct and in their support of each other.


U11 Boys’ singles: 1st Woody (5JL), 2nd Rory (6AG), Consolation plate winner Joe (5JL)

U11 Boys’ doubles: 1st Woody (5JL), 2nd Jacques (6AG) & Jowan (6SS)

U11 Girls’ doubles: 2nd Evie (4TT)

U11 Mixed doubles: 1st Woody (5JL), 2nd Evie (4TT) & Joe (5JL)

u13 Doubles: 1st Ankita Cornwall County Badminton Championships