Date Posted... Mar 18th 2017




Cornwall School Games Cross Country Finals

Congratulations to our five runners: Alice W, Billy, Cassius, Rory and Anna W – who were all selected to represent Peninsula at the Cornwall School Games Primary Cross Country Final on Thursday 16 March.

The course for their age group was one large lap of the fields in front of Newquay Sports Centre (1120m). It is a straightforward course: flat and fast – with one steady uphill section.

As expected, there were up to 60 children in each race, representing the four different areas of the County. Each area could enter a team of up to 15 children in each race, with the first 8 from each area team in each race counting towards the team score.

All five children are talented runners, with considerable drive and determination. They coped extremely well with the pressures of the event; in particular – the start. Each team had a specific start area, where the children were lined up by their team manager. They also had to cope with a tricky wait of five minutes before the start of their race.

Special mention to Billy – whose boot laces both came undone during the race, having been trodden on during the start – undeterred he raced on. Also to Anna W for her generous spirit – she stopped racing to help up another runner, even though this affected her own result.


Alice W – 11th (Year 4 Girls)

Anna W – 24th (Year 4 Girls)

Rory – 14th (Year 4 Boys)

Cassius – 17th (Year 4 Boys)

Billy – 42nd (Year 4 Boys)


‘It was quite scary, waiting to start.’ – Anna W

‘I could have slipped down the hill but luckily I didn’t.’ – Cassius

I loved running down the hill to the finish.’ – Alice W

‘I liked the support at the very end; it made me sprint faster to the finish.’ – Billy

‘It was an exciting event; t-shirts, tunes and triumphs.’ – Rory