Date Posted... Apr 3rd 2019

Cornwall Music Festival 2019

We were delighted by the success of our talented pupils again this year at the prestigious Cornwall Music Festival.

Pupils across the School competed in classes ranging from those for beginners all the way up to post-Grade 8 classes, with over 150 of our pupils involved in individual and group classes for both music and the spoken word.

Francis Shepherd, Music Coordinator, said:

‘It was a real privilege to witness many of our pupils’ performances at this year’s Music Festival. They all performed to an incredibly high standard, clearly relishing this amazing opportunity to perform in front of others and gain valuable feedback from the two professional adjudicators.’

Cornwall Music Festival
Individual Winners 2019 

Lucas B, T4, Piano solo: Grade 5 or 6
Molly C, R1, Concerto Class (Oboe)
Imogen D, S11, Cello or double bass solo: Grade 7
Natasha H, S5, Violin or Viola solo: Grade 7
Natasha H, T6, Piano solo: Grade 8 or above
Luke J, P5, Classical guitar solo: Grade 7
Oliver J, S10, Cello or double bass solo: Grade 5 or 6
Matthew J, O12, Brass solo: Grade 5 or 6
Izzie L, Q5, Woodwind solo: Grade 7
Sofie P, I15, Folk song solo: unaccompanied, 13-15 yrs
Isha P, I17, Folk song solo: accompanied, 12 yrs or under
Isha P, T16, Piano solo: Jazz Style, grade 7 or above
Isha P, T5, Piano solo: Grade 7
Joanna V, I8, Vocal solo 12 or 13 yrs: Musical Show or Film
Joanna V, I18, Folk song solo: accompanied, 13-15 yrs
Molly S, S4, Violin solo, Grade 5 or 6
Molly S, I3, Vocal solo, Set work, 12-13 years.

Cornwall Music Festival
Group Winners 2019 

Clarinet Choir, U2, Instrumental Ensembles – any instruments, 3 to 9 players
Girls’ Vocal Ensemble, Frances Eagar, B1, Senior School Choirs: 11-19 yrs
Chamber Orchestra, Martin Palmer, U3, Instrumental Ensembles – any instruments, 10 players or more
Jazz Orchestra, Peter Thomson, N3, Concert, Stage & Wind Bands
Oliver Jones & George Henderson, U8, Instrumental duet