Date Posted... Mar 8th 2018



Senior School

Careers – Why Enter a Career in Finance?

We interviewed Simon Holdsworth from AFH Wealth Management to find out more…

When did you develop an interest in finance?

At school including breeding and selling gerbils and hamsters, selling cassette tapes and earphones and repairing radios.


How did you get into the industry?

I was able to spend six weeks during one summer whilst at University at a firm in the City. They were Stockjobbers – now a disappeared industry – but were at the heart of the share dealing process. They also had just started dealing in what were then new-fangled ‘Options and Derivatives’ which I loved.

Perhaps the best two-week period though was working in the Messenger department. These were the days before electronic share certificates and we spent the day rushing around London with piles of paper. It gave me a super insight into the complexity and diversity of the city, and the many types of roles that exist.


What is the most rewarding aspect of the job?

In my role as a Financial Adviser it is the privilege of working with individuals and couples and helping them be confident that they are doing the right thing, and planning their finances and investments well, now and into the future, to help those they love.


How would you suggest that people who are interested in the industry could learn more about it?

A guide can be found at or just go to website of The Personal Finance Society and follow the links there.


Why do you feel that careers conventions are important?

There are so many careers available that most of us never know about and these events can open surprising new doors and let us explore different options. A huge potential payback – a few hours that can change our whole life.


To find out more, and to meet Simon in person, come along to Truro School’s careers convention on Wednesday 14 March.