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Calling all brilliant bookworms…

House Literature Quiz: Wednesday 3 July 2019

Calling all brilliant bookworms…

In the Greek myth, what was unusual about Medusa’s hair? What is the name of the snake in the Jungle Book? Who is the publisher of the Harry Potter series?

Can you answer any of the above questions? Well, they are all taken from different rounds in this week’s house literature quiz.

Themes for the different rounds included myths and legends, animals, Roald Dahl, adventure and mystery, Harry Potter, nursery rhymes, the movie version of books and the ever-popular picture round.

In between each of the different rounds were a hotly contested series of spot questions, which were targeted at different age groups. Stationery prizes and Truro School yo-yos were on offer and they all wanted to win them!

The statistics? Each house consisted of nine teams – that’s 36 teams in total. Each team was made up of five children, ranging from Year 2 to Year 6. An incredible 200 children were involved in the whole event.

A huge thank you to the brilliant English staff: Mrs Gregory, Mr Neale, Mrs Jessel and Mrs Lovett for their help with preparations and running the event on the day.

Finally, thanks to all the highly capable Year 6 children who helped on the day – marking the rounds, totalling the scores and even asking some of the questions.

House results:

1st = School (416 points)
2nd = Wickett (401 points)
3rd = Smith (383 points)
4th = Vinter (365 points)

Team results:

1st = School team 4 (Nathaniel-Y2, William-Y3, Caitlin-Y3, Gryff-Y5, Will B-Y6)
2nd= Wickett team 8 (Sarang-Y4, Grace-Y4, Oliver-Y5, Ella-Y5, Daniel-Y6)
3rd= Vinter team 8 (George-Y3, Trystan-Y4, Scarlett-Y4, Sasha-Y5, William-Y6)


Sally Luxton