Date Posted... Nov 8th 2017




Author Maz Evans Visits Truro Prep

Carnegie Medal nominated author Maz Evans visited the Prep School today to work with pupils in Years 4-6 and talk to the whole school about her books “Who Let The Gods Out” and its sequel, “Simply The Quest”.

Maz’s first book was published by Chicken House in February and became Waterstone’s Book of the Month almost immediately.

Who Let the Gods Out has also proved a popular read at Truro Prep. Children have described the book as “fun”, “exciting”, “moving”, and “completely mad”. Six copies of the book have been on loan almost permanently since the start of the summer term.


Maz, who previously worked as a journalist and scriptwriter, showed children in writing classes how to create stories by thinking about what a character wants; and how, with a little help, they can achieve their goals despite problems which might occur along the way.


Over 30 children had read at least one of her books by the time Maz visited; and anticipation was high for the fun-filled afternoon assembly.

Maz explained that in her stories, gods from Greek mythology had never died out, and might still be among us; and if so, probably hid in plain sight as intelligent people – maybe even teachers!


Maz then engineered a contest to discover which Truro Prep teachers might be the ancient Greek gods from her book, with challenges that ranged from quick-fire quiz questions, super-fast synonym word association and creating mythical weapons, made from very long balloons, to save the world.

Maz also answered questions from enthusiastic pupils about writing and publishing and left the audience with the message that despite any rejection, you should always follow your writing dream.