Date Posted... Aug 15th 2019

A-Level Stories

Some of the students we talked to this morning include:

Mars Ma, A*A*A*A*A, London School of Economics and Political Science

I am so glad that I have got the same grades as I was predicted, and I am going to LSE where I always wanted to go for university. At first I felt quite bad after I did my exams because the papers were very tough compared to past papers.

I want to express my gratitude to my teachers Mr Whatley, Mr Mccabe and Mr Williamsons. They are no doubt the best teachers I have met so far in my life. Not only did they teach me a lot, but also made me love the subjects I chose. I also want to thank Mr Copeland for his support in the boarding house.

It has been a great time here as an international student.  I hope that I have set a good example for pupils, full-filling my duty as Deputy Head Boy of  Truro School, and that my name shall be mentioned by teachers after I am gone. Now I am ready to start a new journey, moving on to my next destination which is London, and I am sure there are many challenges waiting. This community has been like a home for me for three years and I shall never forget it. There is nothing much I can say other than thank you.

Millie MacDonald, A*AB and A* (EPQ), Durham University

I studied Geology, Biology and Chemistry but I’m going to pursue Geology at Durham. I’d like to say a big thank you to Miss Hope who was a brilliant teacher, she was the best, and the geology lessons were the best.

James Bourguignon, A*A*B, A (EPQ) Flying School

I’m very happy. I want to be a Pilot so I’m going to apply for a flying School, it was a matter of getting the best grades I could. I had a great time in Sixth Form, surrounded by friends in-between lessons. I appreciated those times more now because in Upper Sixth the lessons become more taxing and you need to knuckle down harder. Mr laity, Mr Pomery, Mrs Wormald, were all amazing, just thank you to all of them!

Pedrek Venton, A*AAA, University of Warwick

I did alright! I’m quite happy with that! I will be studying Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE). It’s quite difficult to choose a highlight but I’ve done a lot of music as well as the academic side which was a nice balance. I don’t want to single any teachers out because they all stand out to me, and I got on with them all really well.

David Taylor, A*AAAB, University of Bristol

I did quite well, I got my uni offer to study Computer Science so I’m really happy. There were so many highlights! I came out of my shell a lot more, and the balls were a nice way to spend time with friends and celebrate before we head off all over the country. It’ll be nice to keep in contact. I will remember all the people and teachers I’ve met, it’s all one big highlight.

Jemma Ball, A*AB, University of Surrey

I’m going to study Economics. All the support my teachers gave me was second to none, and the fun bits in-between studying were memorable.

Oscar Pringle, A*A*A*, University of St Andrew’s

I did really well, better than I thought! I’m going to study economics which I took at A-level with Mr Whatley, who’s been a really great help. The Gold Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) award was my highlight because we headed off to Slovenia for the expedition which was pretty cool. It was quite challenging and I met some great people out there.

Ollie Brocklebank, A*AB, University of St Andrew’s

I will be studying Geology which I took at A-Level, Mrs Wormald was always there for me. Sixth Form allowed us to become more independent compared to school which was nice, the first year was fresh and new.

Finn Walker, AAB and A* (EPQ), University of Leeds

It went great! I got into my first choice at Leeds to study PPE – Philosophy Politics and Economics. Big thanks to Miss Stone who helped me so much with my EPQ because I was predicted an E and actually got an A*, she stuck with me. My EPQ was in political philosophy which has really helped me prepare for my degree.