Date Posted... Aug 16th 2018

Top Inspection Grades Lead to Strong A-Level Results at Truro School Sixth Form

Live updates from A-Level results day 2018

Jess Jones - Studying Economics in Scotland

A massive congratulations go to boarding student Jess Jones (pictured right). She achieved A* in Maths, an A in Further Maths, an A in Economics and an A in Physics.

Heading to Scotland
Jess said: I’m absolutely over the moon – it’s amazing. I’m now going to St Andrews to study Economics, so off to Scotland. I love Economics and Mr Whatley has been an absolute legend! I’m a weekly boarder and it’s now time to head further away from home, towards the other end of the country this time.”

A look back on her time in the Sixth Form
“I started the School two years ago in the Sixth Form. I came here because I used to do county netball and hockey and I wanted to try and pursue four A Levels whilst carrying on with other activities like Duke of Edinburgh. I obviously made the right choice because I’ve done all of this as well as my Gold DofE and lots of sports.”

We wish Jess the best of luck as she heads north.

Nathan Holmes - A Career as a Physicist

I wasn’t expecting my results to go this way at all. I got three A* in my A Levels, an A in AS Psychology, an A in my EPQ and a B in AS Economics. Yes, that’s right, three AS and three A Levels! I worked very hard and I’m over the moon about what I got.

A future in Physics
I’m now off to study Physics at Nottingham University and I then hope to go into research – so not an easy path. My Physics teacher Mr Laity has just made Physics great for me and kept me interested in it. It’s also a really good Maths department.

A good balance
There’s so many great things I’ve done in the Sixth Form, so it is difficult to single out one thing. I was in the Badminton team which was fun. I was quite busy with work but I’ve also continued to be sporty.

Bonnie Bayley-Skinner - Head Girl off to Study Medicine

I got exactly what I wanted so I’m super happy. I got A*AA. I got my A* in Biology which I’m really happy about, that means a lot to me. The two A s were in Chemistry and Maths.

Medical Pathways Programme
I’m now going to study Medicine at Exeter in September. I was part of the Medical Pathways Programme in the Sixth Form and Miss Finnegan was great and really helpful.

There have been MMI practices and ethics workshops which are all things that came up in my interview so that was really useful. I also went to business lunches before I started applying for Medicine, so I got to speak to the person that I ended up doing work experience with which was really good. You get to meet loads of people who are already working in the field. I feel like during my five year course I’m going to discover so many different parts of medicine, but I’m definitely more interested in surgery.

A look back at being Head Girl
It was good being Head Girl for the past year. I felt like it was maybe a bigger job than I expected it to be but I think it gave me a good pressure to keep myself going. It was a good drive and kept me going throughout the year.

Best memory
I joined in 4th Year so I’ve studied here for four years. I would say the entire Uganda trip was one of the best things I ever did with the School. We did first aid on the street and we also went on a safari.

Chris Hardman - Studying Mechanical Engineering

I achieved nearly full marks in four of my exams which is a big improvement from where I was last year. It’s been a bit of a journey to say the least.

My final results are Geology A, Maths A*, Further Maths B and Physics A.

Studying Mechanical Engineering

I’m hoping to do a masters in Mechanical Engineering at Bristol University which should be a four or five year course.

Highlight of Sixth Form

I would say the Mock United Nations was probably my best memory. It’s so different from anything else I’ve done during my time here, it allows you to put yourself in different shoes and is just a really exciting opportunity to have had.

Katie Shaw - Off to Cambridge University

Katie progressed through the Sixth Form’s Oxbridge Programme and has today confirmed her place at Cambridge University.

She achieved a straight set of A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

After discovering her results, Katie said: “I’m really happy with today’s results. I’d also like to thank Dr Orchard and Mr Gustafsson, they have been the dream team for my A Level Chemistry.”

Continuing her Passion for Music
Katie reflected on her time at Truro School and said: “I joined the school in 1st Year (Year 7). Looking back, it has been amazing. I think playing the Mozart concerto in the Cathedral and playing my flute was probably a highlight. There are lots of orchestras and stuff at Cambridge too, so hopefully I’ll be able to get into one of them, especially after passing my DipABRSM qualification early.”

Sophie Upton - Studying English at Exeter

I got two A*s an A and an A* in my EPQ. I studied Geography, Religious Studies and English for my A Levels.

Moving to Exeter to Study English

I got into my first choice university so I’m off to study English at Exeter University. It seems to be quite a good course and a good distance from home.

Memories of Truro School

I’ve been at Truro School since I was three. Generally the atmosphere of the Sixth From Centre was probably one of the best things about my time at Truro School. It’s always really good when you come in – someone’s always laughing.

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