Date Posted... Mar 13th 2017




Year 1's trip to the Eden Project

The Year 1 children enjoyed an amazing visit to The Eden Project on Tuesday 7 March. They had a day packed with exciting adventures including a workshop entitled ‘Building in Brazil’ which required the children to explore the Rainforest Biome in depth, making sketches and examining how houses around the world are built. They then transferred these skills into the classroom by building their own rainforest shelters. The children loved seeing the bananas and cocoa plants growing in the Rainforest and smelling the lemons and olives in the Mediterranean Biome.

In class the children are learning about the production of China Clay in Cornwall and it was interesting to discover how the old clay pit has been turned into The Eden Project that we see today.

A wonderful day was had by all with a lot of sleepy and happy children on the bus back to school.