Date Posted... Oct 20th 2016




Prep pupils perform 'Henry V' for the Shakespeare Schools' Festival

30 pupils from the Prep recently performed Henry V on the big stage at the Hall for Cornwall as part of the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival.

The pupils worked incredibly hard to put together the adapted script in only a few weeks but handled the plot, verse and stagecraft like professionals.

On the day of the performance they spent the morning at the Hall for Cornwall for a fast-paced but effective technical and dress rehearsal before returning in the evening for the show. Together with Tregolls and Roskear schools, who performed Julius Caesar and Macbeth, all the performers entertained and amazed the audience. Not daunted by the vast stage, lights and paying audience, the pupils did fantastically.

The organisers of the festival gave superb feedback on our pupils’ performance afterwards, commending their confidence, expression and performance skills, saying:

“They showed a remarkable maturity and understanding of the text.”

The experience was one the pupils will never forget, and they must be commended on their approach throughout the process. They didn’t have long but they did it. To quote from the play: ‘Small time, but in that small so greatly lived…’