Date Posted... Dec 9th 2016

3rd Year Geology GCSE Taster Day

On Tuesday 6 December, Geology held their 3rd Year taster day as part of the schools GCSE taster sessions that is offered each year to help third years decide what subjects to take up at GCSE level.

During the session students were given the opportunity to look at some special specimens from the Geology department, which included turtle coprolites (fossilised faeces!) Hadrosaur eggs and a mammoth bone.

Students were then tasked with building an earthquake proof building made out of tooth picks and marshmallows which could withstand the powerful jelly earthquake simulator.

The Geology Department at Truro School has been labelled “the best school geology department in the UK” by Ian Stewart, BBC Broadcaster and Professor of Geoscience Education at Plymouth University.

Last year, our GCSE results for Geology showed 94% of students received A* – B grades and the year before, we had one of our students, Maria Chart confirmed as the highest scoring geology GCSE candidate in the country.

Geology is introduced as an option subject at GCSE in the 4th year and is a practical based Science with an emphasis on field skills, interactive learning and contemporary issues.