Date Posted... Mar 27th 2019

2nd Years welcome local author Chris Higgins

It was a privilege to welcome local author Chris Higgins to Truro School this week

Chris talked to the 2nd years as part of their reading programme and lunched with the Friday Book Group who are championing Chris’ latest book ‘A boy called Ocean’ at the KYBA awards in May.

When asked what advice would Chris give aspiring writers, she answered:

Write! So many people say they would like to write but they don’t. They make excuses, saying they haven’t got enough time, but you always find time for things you really want to do. Okay, you may not have time to write your best-selling novel yet, but write something every day and one day you will.


Show don’t tell. The old chestnut! It’s so much more fun for readers to work something out for themselves than be told. It’s a bit like lessons. The best ones are always the ones where you find things out in an active way rather than sitting still and being lectured at.


Always give your reader a good reason to turn the page or move onto the next chapter.


Write about the world you know. It’s more interesting than you think. People like to read books to confirm their own thoughts, feelings and experiences, to say, I know what that feels like!


Write about what you imagine. People like to be taken to other worlds too. Then they can say, Wow! I’d never thought of that!


Don’t explain too much. Give your readers credit for being intelligent.

Read! Read! Read!