Date Posted... Apr 4th 2019

2J Debate Development Goal Priorities

Last week, 2J embarked on a passionate discussion as to whether they could rank Development Goals, including equality, access to healthcare, zero hunger and environmental sustainability, in order of priority.

They then shared their findings with the rest of the class and what they discovered was twofold:

Firstly, all the issues are intrinsically linked; for example, soil erosion is strongly linked to water supply and food production which is then linked to hunger, health, literacy and wealth.

Secondly, they realised that if it was difficult for us to agree on priorities then the 195 countries within the United Nations, who have very different priorities, would have even more trouble agreeing.

Finally, the students all agreed that just because an issue such as Global Development is complex, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to tackle it!

Great work 2J!