Junior Girls’ Boarding Update – 23 May 2016

This week we we were pleased to welcome Sophie Maund in to the boarding house, and we are looking forward to having Scarlett, Megan and Ella back who are flexi boarding from tomorrow. The GCSE exams are coming thick and fast now but revision leave started last week which has given the 5th Year girls more time to prepare for the exams.


On Saturday we were meant to be going on a sea-safari on a speed boat in Falmouth Bay, but the weather was looking poor so instead we opted for a more sedate outing, a visit to Callestick Farm! We travelled my minibus with Malvern, and the girls were lucky enough (?) to be serenaded by Miss Thompson and me singing along the radio.  We wondered round the farm and looked at the animals (the girls were horrified by how ugly the turkeys were), learnt how to milk a cow and then settled down for the main event: ice cream. Faced with 20 flavours it was a hard choice so we all had doubles, with pistachio, lemon sorbet and caramel crunch with clotted cream all coming out as firm favourites. Feeling significantly fatter, we headed back home for the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday some of the girls revised while others joined the Pentreve boys at the cinema to watch the new X-Men movie. After an excellent supper of roast beef with all the trimmings, the girls have headed off to their rooms, or to watch The Hunger Games on DVD in the common room. I can’t quite believe that we only have a week until half term, this term seems to have flown by so far. We wish all the girls a very happy and relaxing half term.