Junior Boys’ Boarding Update – 14 June 2016

And so it has begun… the last half term of the academic year! Wow!

We welcomed the boys back on Sunday and it has pretty much been revision central in Pentreve ever since… there has been the odd bout of football (we won’t dwell on the broken arm) in the garden after school but the boys have been knuckling down during their supervised prep sessions (some have used their free time also) in order to prepare themselves as best they can for next week’s internal exams.

This weekend came about much more quickly than I had anticipated and it has been much more studious than any I have known. With a focus on revision the usual forty-five minutes homework in the house was replaced with an hour of more directed time spent in the library after supper. Having worked hard with past paper booklets and revision cards I let the boys off the hook and the usual round of SBASC activities and relaxation in the house followed.

Boarding on Saturday

On Saturday the boys enjoyed a lie in before a hearty brunch in the dining hall and the rest of the day was to be a free day for all. Some revision was completed, a bit of rugby and football was watched, town and Tesco’s were visited, and despite our plans to go out for a meal at Pizza Express, the odd Domino’s was devoured too.

At 6pm we joined Miss Hargreaves and the Poltisco girls for dinner at Pizza Express in the town centre. An array of pizzas, pasta dishes and salads (ok, who am I kidding, the salad was mine) were thoroughly enjoyed and it was great to see the two houses integrating and enjoying one another’s company. Feeling sufficiently full, thanks to the chocolate glory, chocolate brownie and ice cream sundae desserts, we headed off to the cinema. Fahed, Philipp, Anthony, Harry and Alex allowed me to gate-crash their film of choice, the romantic comedy Me before You, whilst the more macho boys in the house got their boy fix watching Warcraft 2 in the neighbouring screen. Much popcorn, sweets and chocolate was eaten and the boys enjoyed their respective films…I think this might be the first Saturday evening on duty that I have not been knee deep in pizza cooking myself!

Boarding on Sunday

On Sunday, again owing to the exams, I had made no plans but wanted to instead give the boys a chance to revise and prepare. Harry went off to his rock climbing session before brunch whilst the others enjoyed a lie in. The rest of the day was spent watching a bit of sport, revising and enjoying the garden before a Chinese or madras curry supper in the dining hall.

After supper, with the weekly boarders filtering back in, the boys completed another hour of work in the library and then it was back to house for some more of Euro 2016. The usual round of laundry ensued, bags were packed and exam equipment was sorted for the week ahead. Obviously, Mr Nicholas and I wish the boys the best of luck this week and we have our fingers crossed that all the boys achieve their potential and gain exam grades that they are pleased with.

Upcoming Events

Aqua Park
The last three weekends of term are shaping up to be very busy. Mr Nicholas will be taking the boys to the brand new ‘total wipeout’ style floating inflatable Aqua Park at Retallack Resorts next weekend and during the following week we will be hosting the annual Boarder’s Music Concert.

Rainbow Fun Run
On the punultimate weekend of term the boys are taking part in the annual Rainbow Run for Children’s Hospice South West, a charity that provides hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family across the South West. Thirty-eight members of the boarding community including all the Pentreve boys, myself, Mr Nicholas and Miss Nineham will run the 5km course on Sunday 26th June in a bid to support and raise money for this amazing charity. If you would like to sponser us then please follow the link to our Just Giving fundraising page, we would be very grateful.

The final weekend will be boarder’s camp weekend and again the boys are in for a real treat; sleeping beneath the stars, coasterring, scuba scoter-ing (?) and archery have all been planned.

Make sure you read the last three blogs of the term, I am sure there will be plenty of photos for us to share with you.

Mrs Sarah Mulready (Assistant Housemistress, Junior Boy’s Boarding)