Junior Boys’ Boarding Update – 1 March 2016

With the first week back after half term now complete and with only four weeks left before we break up for the Easter holidays, time certainly seems to be flying at the moment.
The boys arrived back in the usual dribs and drabs last Sunday evening. Most of them spent the half term week relaxing at home or with guardians but for Jay and Harry the week was a little more exciting. Jay spent the week skiing with his family and Harry went away on the school surfing trip to Portugal. Nonetheless, all the boys were back with us, seemingly refreshed and raring to go, by Monday morning and the second half of the spring term is now well underway.
This week has seen the boys busy across the board. Whilst the obvious academic lessons and associated homework’s have kept them occupied during the evening prep sessions their commitments to the extracurricular life of the school have kept them particularly busy and out of mischief this week.
It was an early start for Will and Harry on Tuesday as they headed off to Canford School for the Regional Hockey Finals. The boys, who were up and out before breakfast, played in two matches and although they lost both I have heard that they played very well. Well done to both the boys’, getting to this level in the competition really is an achievement in itself! Cam’s youth speaks team were in action again on Tuesday evening having come runners up in the last round. Cam performed well once again but the team did not progress further in the competition unfortunately; quite where Cam finds his confidence from I do not know…he really is a budding performer, well done Cam! There has been plenty of football this week too. On Wednesday the fixtures against Redruth saw James, Will, Philipp, Chris and Andrey in action representing their respective year groups. On Thursday there were football fixtures against Richard Lander too. Well done to all the boys involved, Mr Nicholas and I are always very proud to hear of these successes.
On Friday, with the weather having looked like it was on the up, the heavens opened and it rained continuously and heavily from break time (11.05am) onwards! The boys dashed down from school and quickly decamped. The day-boys left for home and relative calm descended upon Pentreve. Sammy had his usual tennis lesson and Chris spent an hour and a half in the music school before supper. The usual rounds of prep and then sport in the SBASC kick started the weekend with the later bed times being enjoyed as usual.
On Saturday morning, Philipp and Chris left before brunch and headed up the hill for their third football fixture of the week. A special mention must go to Fahed here though. Fahed was, whilst in the shower, drafted in to play at the last minute due to a shortage in numbers. Without batting an eye lid he quickly found his games kit and sprinted up the hill (and then down and up again as he forgot his shin pads!). Well done Fahed, I know the team really appreciated it.
The afternoon was to be a free afternoon for all; some spent it visiting town and Tesco whilst others stayed put and enjoyed the house facilities. After a supper of Cajun salmon, tomato and vegetable pasta or chicken satay the boys headed back to the house for the usual DVD and pizza evening. Extra southern fried chicken goujons were specifically ordered and Mr Mulready and I got cooking; every crumb was polished off and the boys went to bed feeling full.
Fahed, destined not to have a single lie in this weekend, was up crazily early again on Sunday, leaving the house at 7.15am to travel to Taunton for the U16 West of England Rugby 7’s Competition. For the others, and having put it off week after week because of the weather, we finally made it to Truro Paintball. The boys, together with Niclas from Trennick and five of the girls from Poltisco spent three hours haring around the fields, hiding in bushes and shooting each other all in the name of ‘paintballing fun’. The recent rain made for a muddy but not too muddy game and a lot of fun was had by all.
These photos give a flavour of what they got up to, and just how muddy they got…
boarding paintball junior boys
students go paintballing, cornwall
Upon our return and with their trainers beautifully lined up outside the front door the boys had a couple of hours to kill. Jay and Harry popped to town whilst Philipp and Sammy hosted Niclas (an honouree Pentrevean for the weekend – I think he may have moved in?), Leona and Lina who all visited before supper. After a tasty meal of chicken and leek pie, lamb madras or vegetable stir fry (yum!), the evening was spent washing dirty paintball clothes, completing homework and packing school bags.
This week, on Monday, the school will be hosting the 4th year parents evening and Mr Nicholas will be collating brief reports for those parents unable to attend. On Tuesday we will be supporting all the acts brave enough to tread the boards on the stage of the Burrell Theatre at the Junior Charity Concert, one of my favourite events of the year. And, of course, there are more sport fixtures to be contested! We will welcome Joe to the house on Wednesday evening for one night flexi boarding and we hope that he enjoys his time in Pentreve.
Check out Mr Nicholas’ blog next weekend to hear what the boys get up to.

Written by – Mrs Sarah Mulready (Assistant Housemistress, Junior Boy’s Boarding)