Jonny's Arch in Furniss Island Gardens

On the afternoon of 3 December 2014, Truro School pupil Jonny Innes was joined by the Friends of Furniss Island and the Mayor of Truro at the unveiling of his original artwork in Furniss Island Gardens. Jonny, 17 from Falmouth, is an Art and DT student at Truro School and was commissioned as a volunteer to design and build the archway, alongside former Truro School pupil Rhys Fairlie.


Vicky Gould, Co Head of Sixth Form and Art Teacher at Truro School, said: “Johnny and Rhys were keen to take the project on board and to build a partnership between the community of Truro and Truro School. They worked tirelessly on the project using their free time, weekends, holidays and some free periods with the help of John West-Letford, our DT technician.  Tim Tall, longstanding previous Head of DT at the school, also made a contribution in reminiscing with the boys on the history of the gardens and the waterways that flow alongside it, and this helped them work out visual ideas for the structure.”


Geoff Yelland, from the Friends of Furniss Island group, first approached the school two years ago about commissioning a student to build an archway for the Gardens that brought together the history of this area of Truro. The Friends of Furniss Island are a small community who live in the immediate area and have taken responsibility for the upkeep of the gardens, growing vegetables for the public and working with other schools to provide bug farms to study in the space.


Mr Yelland said: “On behalf of the Friends of Furniss Island I must say a huge thank you to Jonny and Rhys. Between them they have produced a masterpiece; their names are in lights and they thoroughly deserve it. John West-Letford also deserves a special thanks for all the help and time he has given the boys. It is a proud moment of the school and city communities.”


Following the cutting of the ribbon by the Mayor of Truro, Jonny said: “I’m so pleased it’s up and I’m so proud of how it looks. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learnt so many skills and processes which I can call upon in the future. Credit must go to Rhys, who is currently studying Medicine at Southampton University, and John – without them this would not have been possible.”


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