Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships at Truro School

The School is looking for bright, enthusiastic candidates who will lead the School’s orchestras, bands and choirs by example.

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Music Scholarships are awarded to candidates entering Truro School at 11+, 13+ and 16+. The value of all scholarship awards at the School is capped at 10% of the fees.  Any help thereafter is given in the form of a means-tested bursary. At the discretion of the Headmaster, a select number of high value 16+ scholarships may be awarded to students of exceptional talent.

All external candidates for a Music Scholarship are required to register with the School before an appointment is made.


As a Music Scholar we offer you:

  • The prestigious and coveted title of Music Scholar
  • Personal development coaching to help you to achieve your musical goals and ambitions
  • Regular two way reviews with a nominated member of the Music Department Staff to discuss your progress, aims and ambitions and to offer guidance
  • The opportunity to play and sing in a wide range of ensembles, orchestras, bands and choirs, embracing many genres, styles and instruments
  • The experience of learning from some of the County’s top specialist musicians and gaining from their directorship of our many orchestras, bands and choirs and smaller ensembles
  • The benefit of studying and performing alongside many other pupils with similar or complementary musical skill and enthusiasm, giving an added dimension to a richly rewarding school life

All Music Scholars are expected to:

  • Set an example by regular attendance at rehearsals in order to perform to the best possible standard
  • Attend a regular two way review with the nominated member of the Music Department to discuss progress, aims and ambitions
  • Play in the ensembles relevant to their instruments and attend rehearsals regularly
  • Sing in at least one of the choirs
  • Take part in the regular informal weekly concerts for their instrument, which provide vital experience of performing from the earliest stages of instrumental playing
  • Participate in the more formal termly concerts including, for example, the Hall for Cornwall, St Agnes and Christmas and Easter Concerts
  • Take part in the annual House Music Competition and give support to fellow musicians by attending the Final of the Competition
  • Take part in the various services in the Chapel which include music
  • Make the most of the many opportunities each term for participating in other musical events, such as the school musical, jazz concert and various trips and tours
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Music Scholarships – Minimum Requirements

Standard Required for 11+

  • At least 2 different instruments (one of which may be voice), one of which should be at least Grade 3 standard

Standard Required for 13+  

  • At least 2 different instruments (one of which may be voice), one of which should be at least Grade 5 standard

Standard Required for 16+

  • At least 2 different instruments (one of which may be voice), one of which should be at least Grade 7 standard
  • Grade 5 Theory

Music Scholarships – Application Process

Music Scholarship Application Form

  • Students and parents are advised to discuss this application with their instrumental/vocal teacher.
  • A Music Scholarship Application Form must be competed and submitted to the Director of Music by the date stipulated.
  • Candidates must provide a reference from each of their instrumental/vocal teachers, giving an accurate assessment of musical ability, experience and potential for the future. It is also useful if candidates can provide photocopies of any relevant examination mark sheets. These should be attached to the application form.
  • Candidates must then attend an audition.


  • Candidates will be required to perform pieces on their first instrument/voice and on additional instruments/voice. If two pieces are offered then contrasting repertoire is always appreciated.
  • Truro School Music Staff are always happy to accompany pupils for their auditions. However, as rehearsal time will be limited, it is often in the pupil’s interest to bring along his/her own accompanist with whom they have rehearsed fully.
  • Candidates will be asked to respond to aural tests, sight reading and/or sight singing.
  • Jazz musicians may be asked to improvise.
  • There will be a general musical discussion with the audition panel.
  • Scholarship assessment is not based solely on music ability, but also on whether the candidate has experience of singing or playing in an ensemble, and is enthusiastic and committed to participating in Music at Truro School. This is assessed on the basis of their application and also whether they have demonstrated these qualities previously.
  • Auditions for September 2019 will be held at Truro School Music Department on:

16+  Week beginning Monday 12 November 2018

11+ and 13+  Week beginning Monday 7 January 2019

Further Information

Please see the Music Calendar for the current term which gives a flavour of the wide ranging musical activity at Truro School and go to our Facebook  page

Completed application forms should be returned to: Jayne Grigg, Director of Admissions, Truro School, Trennick Lane, Truro  TR1 1TH or

By:       16+       Friday  9 November 2018

11+ and 13+   Friday 14 December 2018

Further Information

Please see the music events on our live calendar for the current term which gives a flavour of the wide ranging musical activity at Truro School and go to our Facebook page.

For further information, please contact the Music office via or  01872246097