Jack and Ryan Make their Operatic Debuts

Last month, Sixth Form’s Jack Harvey and Ryan Huxtable performed with the Moldovan National Opera and Moldovan National Philharmonic, to mark their operatic debuts.


Puccini’s La Bohème, which was held at the Hall for Cornwall on 18 October 2013, is set on the streets of Paris and requires a ‘Military Band’ to appear onstage and lead a scene of celebrations.


Jack and Ryan were called in at short notice to assist, with Jack on the drums and Ryan on the Tuba. Both were well-received by the audience after their rousing performance.


Jack, pictured left, said: “Ryan and I were called in to play as part of a band leading a procession in ‘Act II’. We had less than an hour to learn both our music and stage directions but, with the help of the director and cast, we were able to make our time in the spotlight an enjoyable experience.”


The two intend to perform a duet, for piano and Eb bass, for the House Music Competition in the near future.