IAPS Fencing Championships

Truro Prep School entered a team of six fencers to the IAPs Fencing Championships, held at Millfield School on May 10.


Led by Truro Head Coach Mr Salfield and Truro School’s teacher in charge of fencing, Mrs Jupp, the team was also accompanied by a referee from Truro Fencing Club, Miss Marta Baeza. The group of six competed in the U11 sabre category, with Darcy, Max, Wiktor and Sam fencing in the boys’ event, and Poppy and Lexie fencing in the girls’ competition.


Max, Darcy and Wiktor cruised through the early rounds with good quality technical actions, excellent discipline and hard work on the piste. Young Sam, still an U9 but competing up an age group, fenced excellently with two wins from five matches in round 1 and three from five in round 2. Sam reached the L32 stage where he lost a close match and was placed 17th – a strong performance from such a young fencer with two more years left in the U11 age group.


Wiktor, Darcy and Max all fought through to the top 8 without being threatened, but Wiktor fell at this stage, losing out 10-9 in a nail-biting quarter final. Darcy and Max both progressed to the semis, and both then won in style to make it an all-Truro boys final! In a close final Darcy’s fast footwork and confident attacks just pipped Max’s outstanding technique and tactics. Darcy took the gold medal 10-8, with Max winning silver and Wiktor placed 5th.


In the girls’ event both Poppy and Lexie started slowly, and after the first two rounds were seeded 6th and 3rd respectively. Both then found their form and won their L32 and L16 matches. Unfortunately they met each other in the quarter final and after a seesaw match, in which Poppy took a 7-1 lead and Lexie came back to 8-all, Poppy closed out the fight 10-8.


In the semi-final Poppy dominated with good feint attacks and reached the final defeating the 2nd seed comfortably. Unfortunately Poppy couldn’t quite find her opponents timing in the final and lost out 10-6, but won the silver medal, with Lexie, like Sam still with two years left in this category, placed a strong 5th.


This is the 3rd time Truro prep has entered this event, and once again the school came away as Britain’s strongest in the sabre category.

Jon Salfield

Truro Head Coach