Hockey Summary: November 2013

Year 6 Girls’ Hockey

Wednesday 27 November

This week, we played Mount House U11 A and B Girls’ hockey teams at Truro School. We knew it would be close, as we had seen them at the IAPS tournament and again at Exeter School’s Tournament, where they had lost their semi-final in extra time to Maynard School.


Our U11 ‘A’ team played better and better, relishing the opportunity of playing such strong opposition. The standard of the match was excellent, with many goals scored for both teams, over the four ten minute quarters. Our team, captained by Laura, were unlucky to lose narrowly 3-4, but looked impressive at the end, scoring two goals in the last quarter. Jess, playing goalkeeper was outstanding, and was praised by staff from the other school for the quality of her play.


Our U11 ‘B’ team, featuring some new faces, as all of Year 6 girls played in this fixture, made real progress. Mount House were strong, and our team lost their match, but started to use longer passes and develop positional awareness, which helped to produce a much celebrated goal in the last quarter of the match. Well done to everyone who played. There was a brilliant atmosphere, with plenty of parental support.


U10 Girls’ Hockey v Truro High School

Wednesday 13 November

We took two U10 girls’ hockey teams to Truro High for inter-school fixtures last week. Both teams competed well, against well matched opposition, with the U10 ‘A’ team losing 4–6 in a high scoring game. Both teams also made good progress with their performance target of moving off the ball into space to receive longer passes. E. Heather, H. Bradley, P. Gammon and E. Straw did this particularly well in their ‘A’ team match. F. Wrennall, K. Mantle and E. Bowcock were also outstanding in their ‘B’ team match. Well done to everyone who played.


Girls’ U11 Hockey Tournament at Exeter Junior School

Friday 8 November 2013

This was a well organised tournament, with two groups of five schools, organised into a round-robin format. After a medley of weather conditions on the journey up, which included hailstorms and torrential rain, we were happy to experience cloudy weather for the rest of the afternoon.


Our U11 team played consistently well, scoring three goals in four matches. They drew with Blundells (0–0), won their matches against Wellington (1–0), and Exeter ‘B’ (2–0), but lost to Maynard School (0–1). This goal proved to be important in our group results, as we finished our matches with the same overall points as Blundells (2nd place), only to then miss out to them on goal difference. Interestingly, Maynard School went on to become the eventual tournament winners.


Mrs Luxton
Games Teacher