Hockey Match Reports – Week Beginning 29 February 2016

Under 12 Girls’ Hockey: 1-3 Loss
This was a strong warm up game for the girls in preparation for the County tournament they have on Thursday 3rd March. The girls started strong and powerful, but were forcing everything down the middle of the pitch which was where Richard Landers strongest player was. After the ball going from team to team like a game of tennis, Richard Lander got a couple of lucky breaks and caught our girls on the back foot, they put away 3 goals in the first half. Our girls came out more strong and determined in the second half and managed to pull a goal back but time ran out. There were many positives and negatives to take away from this game in preparation for Thursday.
Under 14 Girls’ Hockey: 0-0 Draw
The girls had 90% of the possession throughout the game, they transferred the ball around the pitch well. They did well not to force the ball through and waited for opportunities to appear. The girls used the wings to there advantage, they put their pace and skill into action beating defenders left, right and centre. The girls should of put about 5 or 6 goals past Richard Lander and the score certainly did not reflect the game. For this game only the Under 14s were unable to find the goal which was extremely unfortunate but played very well both individually and as a team.