Hockey Match Reports – 26 November – 2 December

Thursday 26 November – Under 14 Girls Regional Tournament
The girls had an extremely early start with a long day ahead of them. Arriving at Clifton nice and early the girls had chance to have a good warm up, before getting stuck into their first game who was against Blundells. Coming from Cornwall we knew we were the under dogs but had something to prove! The games got under way and we were getting stuck in, we played some lovely hockey. Great transferring around the back, we applied the pressure and definitely raised the standard of our game. We worked exceptionally hard as both individuals and as a team. I was extremely impressed and proud of all the girls attitude and playing standard. They played above and beyond and were great representatives of both Truro School and Cornwall.
Blundells 0-2 loss
Dean Close 0-4 loss (Overall Winners!)
Dauntsey 1-2 loss
Wednesday 2 December – Under 12 C Team vs Prep School – Won 5-0
The girls came out strong and powerful after not playing together before. They had the majority of the possession throughout the game and found the gaps to move into both on and off the ball. They played some lovely hockey and worked together well as a team. They were quick on the break and put a number of goals away throughout the game. Well Done Girls!
Wednesday 2 December – Under 18 Girls vs Plymouth College – 2-8 Loss
In awful weather conditions the girls were put off even before the game started. With a brief warm up, the girls got straight into the game. The weather was awful throughout the game and definitely affected the girls performance. The first 15 minutes Truro School were completely on the back foot and did extremely well not to concede a goal. When we gained possession of the ball we were quick on the break and was unfortunate not to gain a goal first. Plymouth College piled the pressure on throughout the game and played some lovely hockey. Truro School were trying too hard to force the ball through gaps, that weren’t there and there possession got taken off them. The game ended 2-8 loss. It wasn’t a great game for the girls but onwards and upwards to get better results in the new year!