Hockey Match Report – Girls Under 12 vs Penrice

Travelling to St Austell on a dark and, gloomy day, hoping the rain would hold off, the girls were still motivated to get a win! With a rather brief warm up due to being pressured by time and the light (due to the Astro not having any flood lights) the game got under way.
Right from the start, Truro School pressured Penrice, it took them a while to find the net as they were trying to force the ball through rather than transferring the ball around to find the gaps. When they settled into the game, they stopped panicking, got confident and calm on the ball and started working well together as a team. The gaps started to appear and the goals started to come. All the goals were a team effort, even though each player showed great individual skill, the team got my Man of the match award! 7-0 Win! Awesome girls, well done!