Headmaster’s blog, Wednesday 7 January 2015

Our spring term started with an opening service for the whole school at Truro Methodist Church. It wasn’t quite a New Year’s resolution, but I left enough time to walk down with pupils rather than drive down at the last minute. There is something rather nice about a journey on foot with the whole school to welcome in the new term.  The sunny morning added to the occasion. The Rev spoke about Epiphany, sharing with us times in his life when he had experienced “Ah, hah” moments; moments in life when you suddenly figure something out or stumble upon a truth, just as the wise men had done when offering their gifts to the Christ child.


Our staff training day on Monday continued with some important areas of focus; independent learning and teenage wellbeing. Dr Emily Jane, former pupil and experienced educational psychologist, was back with us challenging our teachers to think about their practice in different ways. One lesson that I took away (having admitted to asking a rather stupid question) is that the classroom environment needs to be a place where pupils feel that it’s okay to make mistakes.  In fact, perhaps a place where the making of mistakes is celebrated. It’s all about safe and secure learning environments.


The students who went on the recent geology field trip to Tenerife and cultural visit to Madrid have, by all accounts, enjoyed terrific experiences. What with the forthcoming Business Studies trip to Paris and Psychology trip to London, I’m rather wishing I was in the Sixth Form again!


I’m building up a head of steam to join parents, teachers and friends in the Truro School Choral Society for this term’s Cathedral concert. I believe we will be singing Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. This is not a work with which I am familiar but if you too are interested, the first rehearsal is on 22 January. Do come along.


I look forward to meeting 3rd Year parents tomorrow evening to talk about GCSE choices, and 5th Year parents next week who will be with us to discuss GCSE mock results and next steps.


Finally I would like to wish all Truro School families a very happy new year and extend a warm welcome to those who have joined our community this term for the first time.