Headmaster’s Blog – Wednesday 22 January 2014

I can’t help feeling that my first decade as head here at Truro Prep has been marked by a number of extreme weather events; thunder and lightning, snow, winds and now lots and lots of rain.


Evidence of man-made climate change or just the weather reminding us what a powerful and unpredictable force it is? Who knows, but I do know that, as educators, we have a responsibility to encourage our pupils to be good custodians of the world, to understand that you can’t take out more than you put in and the need to use and share our resources carefully and with open hearts. This is why we focus so much in school on Forest School activities and Food and Plants; and later in the year, we plan to explore through some Activity Days many of the issues relating to Sustainability – hopefully working in partnership with pupils from the senior school.


Talking of partnerships, Mrs Renshaw, Mrs Barnett and I were privileged to attend a fascinating conference in London, hosted by the Department for Education and the Sutton Trust about Independent State School Partnerships. There were some really inspiring presentations from partnerships in York, Dorchester and London which are making a significant contribution to pupils’ education in those areas. We already have a number of small schemes in place, organised by Mrs Renshaw and Mrs Barnett, and were asked to set up a stand about these; the display was extremely well received and it was very affirming to have such positive feedback. We also left determined to build on what we are currently doing. The key message of the conference was that there is a benefit to all pupils when schools work together and that, in the end, this has got to be good for the whole nation in terms of breaking down barriers and raising aspirations.


Another week of sporting achievements in Judo, Fencing, Football and Netball; as I write, Mrs Barnett is away with the U11s on a trip to Bryanston for their invitation Netball Tournament. We also wish those of our pupils who are taking the Senior School entrance tests on Saturday, either because they are applying for a scholarship or were new to the school in Year 6, all the very best. As my father also used to advise; just do your very best… oh, and remember to read the questions before you start writing your answers.


Matthew Lovett