Headmaster’s Blog, Wednesday 14 October 2015

Girl Choristers Perform at Truro Cathedral
I signed off my last blog with an invitation to come to the Cathedral to witness history in the making. On Sunday our choristers were admitted by the Chapter in what was a most wonderful service. It is a great honour for Truro School to be working in partnership with Truro Cathedral. Over the last century the Cathedral choir with boy choristers has grown to national acclaim, and it is entirely fitting that a programme for girls should be introduced. It also witnesses to the very best of ecumenism that the Cathedral should embrace our school and its Methodist Foundation in the way they have. I have every confidence that this partnership will strengthen and grow over the next one hundred years. On Thursday the girls will be singing evensong at 5.30pm, if I have piqued your curiosity.
Girl Chorister Scholarships at Truro School, in partnership with Truro Cathedral
House Music Competition
Sticking on the theme of music making, the depth and quality of Truro School music was on show for all to see during last week’s house music competition. We were treated to some sublime performances in the finals on Friday evening. Although it’s not all about the competition, the route through the first round, semi-final and on to the final is as tough as can be, and I for one was glad not to be the adjudicator. Our chapel concerts generally start at 4pm and, given the amazing talents of our pupils, I would love to see the audience swelling in numbers. Do check out the music calendar and come along. This week is woodwind week and Monday and Tuesday’s concerts were lovely.
School Trips
I have just waved goodbye to one of the younger Gordon-Browns who is off to Lyon as part of our French exchange. We have established a super partnership with Fenelon La Trinite which is developing roots, both as an opportunity for language exchanges and also for some of our Sixth Formers to gain work experience in France. This is not the only educational visit this half term; other Truro School students are off to Munich on the German exchange and there is a History Department trip to Moscow and St Petersburg. We have also just launched a cultural exchange which is offered to our 4th and 5th Year students. They are off to Slovenia for a week to focus on sustainability issues with our partner school Gimnazija Škofja Loka which is about an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. Closer to home, our imperious Under 15 rugby squad is off on tour to Bath. I wish them all happy and stimulating travels.
Private View in the Heseltine Gallery
Many years ago our governors had the vision to give the former Head of Art, David Heseltine, a small budget to buy historic and contemporary Cornish works of art. This has built up over the decades into a wonderful school collection. Some of this collection is on display in a new exhibition, Abstract to Realism. Do come along to the Private View this evening in the Heseltine Gallery.
No doubt our Truro School families are looking forward to a break over half term. I wish you some happy family time over the coming fortnight.