Headmaster’s Blog Tuesday 10 December

On Friday morning, as our flag flew at half-mast, I attended Sixth Form chapel assembly as usual. A group of Sixth Form students in our Amnesty Group were talking about human trafficking and the fact that there are more slaves in the world today, than at any other time in history. After a moving video that highlighted the scale of the problem, I felt compelled to offer a few impromptu reflections of my own, as a boy growing up under the system of apartheid. As I spoke, I was rather overcome with emotion thinking back to what might have been, had it not been for Mandela’s insistence of the need for truth and reconciliation for all South Africans. Nelson Mandela deserves all the accolades he has received, but our greatest tribute to him must be in the years that follow. He affected our lives for the good while on earth – may God help us all to take forward his great and generous vision, now that he is at rest.


Our 5th Years are in the midst of their GCSE mock exams. We look forward to meeting with 5th Year parents and pupils in early January for constructive discussions about the feedback from these assessments, and to agree on priorities for the months ahead. Clearly, it’s a time when we work closely with our 5th Years with big decisions to be made. Our guidance programme for next term includes a subject consultation evening to meet subject staff and to help finalise A Level choices. There is also a 5th Year/ Lower Sixth Oxbridge evening, as well as our biennial careers convention and annual programme of business lunches for 5th Years. There is much help at hand to guide our pupils with these decisions.


Congratulations to our debaters who continue to make us proud with their successes. At a recent Cambridge Union competition, they performed impressively in a tightly contested area round. Oliver Holdsworth and Jack Harvey spoke extremely well and were unlucky to come out runners-up in their group, but Megan Hodges and Nini Gigani won their group and will proceed to the next round. In another event, Megan Hodges and Connor Donnithorne were successful in getting through to the next round of the ESU Mace Debating competition and we wish them all the best for what’s to come.


Last week, we hosted Kings Parramatta from Sydney, Australia, for a game against our 1st and 2nd XV. Kings Parramatta is well known on the Australian Rugby circuit, having produced 28 Wallabies, including four captains. Great spirit was shown both on and off the field and it was a pleasure to watch two fantastic teams compete. Many thanks to the families who welcomed the King’s boys into their homes.


Many thanks also to the Friends of Truro School for organising last Friday’s Christmas Fair, which saw countless stalls adorning the Dining Halls, filled with Christmas trinkets, mince pies and stunning pieces of art. It was clearly enjoyed by parents, pupils and staff alike. Last night was the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, where Truro School pupils of all ages lead a service for parents and staff in the beautiful Cathedral. If you were there, I’m sure you agree what a wonderful start to the festive season it was.


Andrew Gordon-Brown