Headmaster’s Blog Thursday 26 September

One of the great joys of living in Cornwall is that we are surrounded by such a wide variety of interesting and beautiful landscapes. So it seems important to us at the school to take advantage by sending each year group from Year 3 to Year 6 on a walk, with the distances and challenge increasing from year to year. Term is now three weeks old and already Year 4 have completed their walk around part of the Roseland Peninsula at St.Anthony, about half of the Year 6s undertook their walk on the north coast between St. Agnes and Chapel Porth yesterday and all of the Year 3 pupils walked to Trelissick via Roundwood Quay. The Year 3 walk was not just a challenge for the pupils, but a real opportunity for their teachers to get to know the pupils better.


Mrs Lovett asked her class to write one sentence each about what they liked about the walk. Here are their responses:


“I loved the walking and chatting to Daisy.”

“I saw two different caterpillars – one green and one fuzzy.”

“I loved it on the beach when Amelia and I were looking for sea glass and we found some. It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. We saw a lost dog, but a couple of minutes later it was with its owner.”

“I loved lunch because we went on the beach. It was very sunny.”

“We saw a trench and all kinds of trees.”

“I really liked the ice-cream.”

“My favourite thing about the walk was seeing a fluffy caterpillar.”

“I liked it when Emily and I saw things that we had never seen before. I thought it was brilliant and amazing. We saw caterpillars – green, spikey ones.”

“We walked three miles and had lunch at the beach. I had an ice-cream at the end. It was all exciting, especially the trenches.”

“On the school trip, I liked collecting acorns as I walked, watching caterpillars and eating ice-cream.”

“I liked eating the ice-cream, it was great, but a wasp landed on my face – it was scary! Also, we saw a green caterpillar on the ground.”

“I enjoyed the whole walk!”

“The things that I will remember are the wasp, the fort and the lady who was walking five dogs.”


My thanks to Oliver, Ben, Diggory, Emily, Daisy, Jago, Joshua, Lucy, Ralph, Sarah, Tara, Melissa and Aimee for these contributions. Parents may also like to see the photos from the trip on display in the Year 3 cloakroom.


In the meantime I have just got back from the IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) national conference in London for head teachers. There were some fascinating and interesting talks, not least one about the correlation between the amount of time pupils use screen-based technologies (computers, computer games, television, mobile devices) for recreational purposes (ie not for education) and declining social interaction skills. The message was clear; the more our children are focussing on screens, the less they are interacting with real people and learning to interpret facial expressions, hence a decline in the ability to empathise with others. To some extent this seems obvious, but interesting to have it confirmed in research and backed up by some solid government guidelines, which when published, will recommend to us parents that our children should have no more than 2 hours of recreational screen time per day. So, plenty of food for thought, not least in the Lovett household.


Finally, a reminder that our Pre-Prep Early Birds Club starts on Monday, as does the availability of cold packed suppers for pupils staying late either at Tea Club or Homework Club. Full details of these two new schemes will be available in the bulletin on Friday.


Matthew Lovett