Headmaster's Blog – Thursday 21 August 2014

It was the turn this morning of our 5th Year students who were back at school to pick up their GCSE results.


With half of all GCSE exams graded A*/A there is much to celebrate, and there were many happy faces.  Congratulations must go to the students who worked so hard, whether they achieved straight A*/As, or whether the achieving of Bs and Cs was a triumph.  Notwithstanding all of this, the overall results are not as strong as in previous years and there is a more complex underlying picture. We will of course be using the coming days to analyse the data in more detail and liaising with exam boards to get a fuller perspective.


As our 5th Years make final adjustments to their A Level options, there was a lot of discussion today with Heads of Department, guiding students with choices to be made. It’s important to recognise that GCSEs are a stepping stone into the Sixth Form.  Our mission is of course to provide a platform into first choice universities, colleges or jobs.   Our A Level value added data could not be better and we look forward to working with our students on the next leg of their journey to get the best out of each and every one of them.