Headmaster’s Blog – Saturday 4 October 2014

I have just returned from the annual HMC conference. I will leave it up to you to come up with a noun of assemblage for Headmasters, but suffice to say that it is always enriching to spend time with Heads of other leading schools.


The conference got off to an energetic start when Dominic Peckham (Assistant Musical Director of the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain) announced himself as our musical director for the duration of the conference. Within minutes he had 250+ Headmasters and Headmistresses singing in rounds whilst simultaneously clapping hands and stamping feet. He is certainly a force of nature and spoke with real passion about the power and importance of music and singing. He partly blames the X-Factor phenomenon for putting children off singing for fear of being judged with a big red X. I’m told that the Heads’ Voices Choir has found its way to Facebook if you want to check out our performance!


If you were at our annual concert in St Agnes last night, you can only have come away with one conclusion; music at Truro School is flying. Our Chamber Orchestra, Wind Band and Symphony Orchestra were performing and they were truly sensational. The obvious enjoyment of the multitude of pupils was plain to see. Proud Headmaster? You bet!


This coming week is Singing Week at Truro School. Check out the weekly bulletin and do come along to see for yourself. There won’t be a big red X in sight!


At HMC, Professor Sarah Jayne Blakemore, a well-known neuro-scientist, gave a thoroughly interesting talk on the teenage brain. Her research findings show the profound effect of peer influence on risk taking.  Using a computer driving game to simulate risk, the evidence is that the average teenager will have three times as many crashes (the measure of risk) when in the company of peers compared to when playing the same game on their own. How important a job we have in working with parents to develop young people who are at ease with themselves and each other.


Andrew Gordon-Brown