Headmaster’s Blog, Saturday 28 March 2015

One of the privileges of my role is that I get to represent Truro School out and about in the Duchy.  I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the installation of Dawn French as the new Chancellor of Falmouth University.   In a heartfelt, hilarious and suitably irreverent speech she committed to be warrior like in her defence and promotion of her university (https://vimeo.com/123307283)  If you watch one thing on the box today, check out the video link.  Her speech was a ringing endorsement for the creative industries and Cornwall’s leading place in the UK as a hub of creativity. Falmouth University is looking to double in size in the next five years and with their new courses on board I think they might just pull it off.

The spring term has now ended and Easter is just around the corner – a time for reflection and rest, and of course revision! I wish all our students a great holiday and hope they strike a good balance as they prepare for their exams.  I would also encourage them to eat well, rest a lot, and get out and about when they can. Regular exercise is proven to promote neural development, and insight often comes when you are a long way from your books.

It has been a hard term in one respect – our recruiting season for pupils and staff has been as busy as ever.  We have advertised for several new teaching posts and I have been delighted with the appointments we have made, drawing from short lists of talented and high calibre individuals. The decisions were tough, but it is a nice position to be in with Truro School attracting interest from far and wide.

Thank you parents, pupils and staff for contributing to the success of this term and for your ongoing support.  I wish you all a very happy Easter.

Andrew Gordon-Brown