Headmaster’s Blog – Saturday 10 May 2014

The top terrace was bathed in afternoon sunshine yesterday for the first BBQ of the season.


The event was to say thank you to this year’s group of prefects who have been great ambassadors for the school. Call me sentimental, but it’s really uplifting to spend time with such impressive young men and women. It’s a happy experience observing our school leavers so at ease with themselves, with each other, and with the teachers around them, all engaged in conversation. And people ask me why I switched career from investment banking to teaching…


I then hopped into my car and headed for Dartmoor, arriving just in time for a fish and chip supper at camp with another group of impressive youngsters; this year’s cohort (11 girls and 11 boys) of fit, strong, navigators who have been selected to take on the Ten Tors Challenge. With the challengers securely anchored in their tents for the night, a dozen of us adults (teachers, parents, former pupil, and one amazing grandmother) were left to share a few stories before turning in ourselves, just as the predicted weather front rolled in. I was grateful that someone had been kind enough to put up my tent before I arrived. I was just dozing off to the sound of the wind and rain lashing against canvass when the whole tent fell in on me. What ensued was a sight to behold as I was joined by Mr Moncaster, Mr Cucknell and a couple of parents stumbling around at half past midnight in the driving rain trying to stop our camp from being blown away. At 5am the Reveille was played and it was Coco-Pops, bacon butties and hot chocolate all round, before we witnessed our three teams of pupils (from 3rd Year to Lower Sixth) join around 2500 other teenagers and take off in their attempts to conquer 35, 45 or 55 mile Ten Tors before 5pm on Sunday.


On what you can see was an action packed Friday, I met earlier in the day with Cosmic, the graffiti artist who we have commissioned to transform the drab grey of the outside wall staircase leading up to the Heseltine Gallery. Cosmic spent the day with a group of our 4th Year artists brainstorming a rough theme to guide his work this coming week. Monday-Thursday this week will feature live graffiti in action at Truro School (authorised by the Headmaster, and very generously sponsored by the Friends of Truro School). Don’t miss the exhibition which opens on Friday.


Andrew Gordon-Brown