Headmaster’s Blog, Friday 22 January

Tomorrow morning at 9am, 140 boys and girls will be coming up to Truro School to sit the 11+ and 13+ Entrance Exam. I wish them all the very best of luck but would emphasise that they should not worry – try and help them relax and encourage them to think of this as an opportunity to show us what they are capable of. I have met with many of them since September and it has been an inspiration and a privilege to have such enjoyable conversations with such a wide variety of characters. I always ask them what three words their good friends would use to describe their personality. As you can imagine I get some wonderful answers and it’s a catalyst for a good discussion.
As a selective independent school, the Entrance Exam is an essential part of the admissions process – and for those who are applying for an academic scholarship it is one of the elements that feeds into the decision on the allocation of these prestigious awards. The award of scholarships is one of the most difficult tasks I have as a Headmaster. This year my staff and I have been so impressed by the calibre, character and commitment of the scholarship applicants, that I know it will be another difficult year. We award academic scholarships and then also for Art, Drama, Fencing, Music, Sport and for Girl Choristers (at 13+ only). But on average we are only able to award up to five places for each of these scholarships areas. Competition is fierce and those who are unsuccessful should be aware of this, and be reassured that a Truro School education can only help to nurture and develop their talents further – even if they are not a scholar.
I will be there tomorrow, and if you have a chance please come and say hello. And to the boys and girls, if I can give you any advice for tomorrow it is simply to follow our school motto and to be yourself – your parents, my staff and I all want you to do your best and we will help you as much as we can.

Andrew Gordon-Brown, Truro School Headmaster