Headmaster’s Blog, 16 January 2016

This year sees the introduction of the very first Cornwall Teacher Awards. These awards are ‘a celebration to recognise inspirational and outstanding teachers, head teachers, teaching assistants, school support workers and volunteers who make a difference to children and young people in Cornwall.’ I am delighted that Truro School is joining in this celebration as the sponsor of the Student Nominated Teacher of the Year Award. This term our Heads of Department will be asking the pupils who study their subjects to complete a questionnaire about their classroom experience. The aim is to gather feedback that teachers can reflect upon as they seek to develop their practice. The student nominated award is a great way to recognise and promote what our educationalists across the county do every day. If you would like to take part in the voting please visit: http://www.cornwallteacherawards.org/.


Stories about the mental health of our young people are never far from the media and as a school with approximately 660 teenagers we have a duty to ensure that they understand and are equipped to negotiate the different emotional and other pitfalls that are part and parcel of life. This is an area of our curriculum that we are looking to develop further in the next year and one that we want to do hand in hand with you as parents. To that end I’m very grateful to those of you who were able to complete the PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) survey over the holidays. The results are now being analysed by our Head of Biology and PSHEE Sarah Finnegan who has extensive experience in this area. Alongside your results will be those of the pupils, as every boy and girl in school was asked to complete an online survey to gauge their thoughts. I will keep you informed as we progress this critical area of our curriculum. The Rev has recently become qualified in Mental Health First Aid and will begin offering training to staff and students. My guess is that this will become a requirement for all schools in the foreseeable future.


The annual rugby dinner last night was a thoroughly enjoyable celebration. Mr Whitmore has been guiding Truro School boys on and off the pitch at Truro School for over 25 years and he is a great exponent of the truth that rugby (and indeed sport in general) is so much more than an activity on a pitch – it’s a metaphor for life. The fun, laughter, teamwork, friendship on display last night should give us all confidence the younger generation are being equipped with the values that we the older generation hope to pass on.


I enjoyed watching our boys playing hockey against Mount Kelly this morning. The games were played to a high level and in a great spirit. The cold, clear, crisp morning was a treat, and a welcome change from recent downpours. Spare a thought for the villagers of Eglwyswrw (I’m not confident in my pronunciation) where is has rained for 82 days in a row!


I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and embrace the crisp (if rather chilly) weather.


Andrew Gordon-Brown, Truro School Headmaster