Headmaster’s Blog – Friday 13 March 2015

Red Nose Day!

Lots of red in school today – anyone would think it was Red Nose Day. The Pre-Prep pupils looked great in their red clothes – I hear 2SH were particularly overwhelming in their redness! So well done to everyone for all your efforts. There is a rather scary picture made up of the “bits” of different staff members. My first thought when I saw it was that Mr Hobson had never looked so good!


“What do you get if you drop a piano down a mineshaft?”


“A flat miner”


And that “musical” joke brings me nicely on to next week’s house music competition. We are delighted that so many pupils have signed up to play for their house over eight assemblies up to the end of term. Pupils get house points for taking part; the more pupils from one house, the more house points. This is an excellent initiative and one I am looking forward to experiencing.

Music Concert

We had a super Year 4 Violin and Cello concert on Tuesday. All the Year 4 pupils are learning either the violin, cello, double bass or a brass instrument and this concert (and the Brass and Double Bass concert next week) mark the half-way stage. It was very impressive to hear how far the children have progressed. Well done to all of them!

Netball Game

We have waved off the Under 11 girls’ netball team as they travel today to Brighton and Roedean School for the IAPS National Finals – the second time in a row that we have qualified. I am sure they will have a super time.

Innovative Students in Design Technology

I was stirred from my office by some whoops of joy and cheers coming from the playground. As it was mid-lesson I was about to become rather ‘headmasterly’, when I saw the school goblin tear around a corner of the playground. Now before you start worrying, I am not talking about a mythical, magical creature in the fantasy fiction mould; I am referring to the electric buggy that the Year 6 pupils can help to assemble. Today, during DT, they were test- driving it around the playground. Probably fair to say that it works, is surprisingly fast and that the cones look a little the worse for wear.

Truro Prep School Goblin in Design Technology