Headmaster’s Blog – Friday 12 September 2014

Fantastic weather makes being back at school so much more pleasant. About half of Year 6 are out on their expedition to the north coast; a 6 mile walk taking in St. Agnes, the Beacon and Chapel Porth, visiting mining sites on the way.  Year 4 completed their walk yesterday around St. Anthony on the Roseland.


It has been a great pleasure seeing so many parents at the various welcome events held here this week and last. If you were not able to join us, the curriculum outlines for each year group are on the website and copies of the whole school strategic plan are available from the office.


In assembly the older pupils met Lightning, our hen, who has kept much of the school entertained by escaping frequently from our garden and wandering into the different classrooms.  Robin, the caretaker, offered to clip her wings, which we hoped might thwart her globetrotting ambitions. However, where there is a will there is a way; in this case it entailed going under the fence instead of over!


The Pre-Prep in the meantime learnt all about bees in their assembly as Mrs Homer and I attempted to construct the beehive, given to us by our Year 6 leavers last term, from the rather flimsy instructions. The theme was on how important it is to follow instructions to help us bee-hive (behave??? – I know it’s terrible, but it raised a chuckle!).  When the pupils went out to play, they buzzed off to play bees, so it would seem they were listening, after all!


Matthew Lovett