Headmaster’s Blog, 22 May – French Trip

They’re back!! Year 6 are back from their wonderful trip to France. Ask anyone which was the best bit and they will shout back ‘Disney!’, but then ask them what else they enjoyed and it all comes tumbling out…Napoleon’s Tomb was massive, it was awesome climbing to the top of the Bell Tower at Notre Dame, Versailles was just brilliant as the rooms are named after Roman Gods, we saw all this different fruit at the street market, the swimming pool was a bit cold, we had bunk beds…

Ask Mrs Issaka and she will tell you: ‘The children were fantastic and it was hot enough to wear shorts at Disney!’

Mr MacQuarrie, who led the trip, says: ‘Thank you to all the children. It was a pleasure taking them away as they were so well mannered. We received numerous compliments on their behaviour’.